We can provide good company for you and good jobs or the following for your company:

Skilled Workers:

Excavator Machine Oparator

Driver Class-3, Class-4

Forklift Operate

Safety Coordinator Building Construction Safety Supervisor (Safety Supervisor)

Lifting Supervisor

Rigger & Signaling Man

Core-trade & Multi-Skill Worker

Core-trade Supervisor

Fresh R1 Worker U-Turn R1 Experience Worker

Steel reinforcement (SR)

Metal forms works (MF)

Electrical working installation (EWI)

Timber forms work (TF)

Plumbing pipefitting (PPF)

Door & Window Installation


Electric (general)

Welding 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, MIG, TIG


Scruff holder

Aluminum Fabrication

Gypsum Board (False Ceiling Fixer)

Aquastic Ceiling

Cladding Installation

Ducting of Air con ventilation

Fibrous Plaster Ceiling

Interior Dry WallJoinery

Structural Still Fitting

Timber door & window

Thermal Insulation


Brick Lying Others…………….

Unskilled Workers:


Construction Industry

Process Industry

Marine IndustryService Sector

Manufacturing Industry

Maintenances sector & many more..